4 Minute Sites

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Product Archive

Update – I just received an email from Jason, he has a new promo/product that just started.  I’ll just post the email he sent me.  Here is the link to 4-Minute-Sites.

Check out this video I made where I show you
exactly how I design a sales letter, lay it out
and make it live online in a few minutes.
No I don’t use wordpress. That is too slow
compared to this. Click the link to see
the demonstration:

This can save you hours and hours of time
and increase your bottom line dramatically.
Jason “microwave sales letters” Fladlien

Basically this will be a webinar that explains the system that enables him to be so productive, the webinar is tomorrow!   Don’t worry if you didn’t see it live, of course its all been recorded so you can download it.