A Million Facebook Fans – is This Possible?

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Product Archive

So, I just received this email from Jason – it’s about a method to get more fans (as in, a million fans) for your Facebook Page using Twitter, and then monetize your traffic.
It’s only $9.95 so I don’t see how you can go wrong here. Here is the email he sent me:


One of my subscribers, a chap named
Adam just emailed me with this…


I noticed in the fan page email sent out today,
you was talking about people with a few thousand

Well I own a page with 2.5 million fans. I
wondered if you would like to use this as a
demonstration of the power that facebook posses.

Let me know if you are interested.

All the best,



So I’m in the process of securing an
interview with him to share his methods
on how he did this. And I’m going to
add it to my new product on making
money with facebook fan pages.

We just released it last night and already
in less than 24 hours we had 268 people
invest in it – probably because it’s
such a good deal at $9.95 for EVERYTHING
you get.

And once I get this interview with Adam
it will be even more valuable!

We also had 19 people take the “reseller
package” upgrade, since we offer
as a one time special offer the rights
to resell the product as well!

Anyways, if you haven’t checked out
this cool little package on making
money with facebook fan pages,
you can can do so by clicking
on the link below:

If you use twitter AT ALL, then
this package is for you, because I
show you how to tap into twitter, get
tons of retweets for a facebook
fan page which is filled with
your affiliate links… making
you commissions.


There are also a lot of other uses
for facebook fan pages most people
don’t know about… so let them
stay in the dark while you use
this new media.

Here’s the link one more time:

Jason “Last weekend before the baby” Fladlien

P.S. technically facebook pages are
changed so you don’t have “fans” anymore…
the only difference now is people “like”
your page… just a semantics thing!

This deal sounds too good to last, and I have to admit even I am curious to know what they are talking about.  I mean, I have a fan page, is it possible I could get a million, even a thousand, fans!?

I have to give it to Jason, he really does come up with some of the best priced deals.  I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $30 for any of his products!  And they have all been well-worth the money I spent.

Here is a page that has his *complete* (actually, I think its missing a few of his more recent products…but all those should be here on this Blog somewhere) product list,
so you can see what I mean:  Product List

Million Facebook Fans