Cash in 7 Days

by Allen Bogdanoff

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Cash in 7 Days

Jason has come up with the ultimate promotion – Cash in 7 Days.  Questions?  Couldn’t be much simpler.  Or to the point.   I looked over this offer so I can give you the cliff notes version. Or you can go right to the salespage here.

Method 1

Step 1: Find a niche that consumes a lot of information (10 minutes)

Step 2: Find a desperate problem in that niche (15 minutes)

Step 3: Come up with an “immediate solution” (10 minutes)

Step 4: Turn it into a “monetized report” (45 minutes to an hour)

Step 5: Write the copy with his “7 Dollar Plug ‘n Play” Template (30 minutes at most)

Method 2

Step 1: Pick 7-10 lucrative local keyword phrases (He explains who to target and how to find these)

Step 2: Use his “ladder rung” approach to get high rankings for these keywords phrasing in two hours or less (usually a lot less)

Step 3: Approach your niche with “results in hand” so they are immediately receptive and eager to cut you a check on the spot (or use his direct mail strategy if you want them to come to you instead)

Step 4: Outsource the work for $200-$500, and keep the other $1700 as profit!

Step 5: Repeat at Will

To find out more, check out the link here. I’ve also included the email he sent me below.  As usual, he’s offering his double your money back guarantee.

This is for people who are in a position when
they need cash – and they need it right away.

It’s not pretty, it’s slightly labor intensive, but
it works.

If you need money ASAP, then you need to
click the link below:

This is NOT my favorite thing to talk about, but
I know it will be helpful to some of you.

Jason Fladlien
Fladlien Productions