Double Your Productivity for Life

by Allen Bogdanoff

Double Your Productivity for Life

double your productivity for life

Discover the Time Management Secrets of a Madman (named Jason)!

How much is it you ask? Only $1.95 (for the first 48 hours)!

Here are some of the things you can expect from Double Your Productivity for Life:

  • Reduce your most time consuming task to 1/4 of the time it normally takes.
  • You’ll be Better and Faster at the those same tasks.
  • A nine letter word that will allow you to become a master at the 80/20 rule.
  • An obscure economics law from 1955 that allowed Jason Fladlien to create 32 front end products in 25 days.
  • Automatically eliminate mental blocks and hurdles with his secret step by step routine.
  • How to use anger to never leave a task unfinished again.
  • Includes a case study that describes in step by step detail how Jason created a product in two hours that made him $7,000 only 4 days later.

Double Your Productivity for Life