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FB Advocate Review

FB Advocate As of March 2012, Facebook has 901 million active users. Jason Fladlien’s FB Advocate shows its readers some techniques to take advantage of that huge number through Facebook pages and communities.

FB Advocate is a PDF file of 29 pages that show how to get traffic to fan pages and how to make the most out of this billion dollar social networking site.

The Basics of FB Advocate

FB Advocate is Jason’s latest jab at tackling how Facebook can be a profitable avenue for people who are in the eCommerce business (other guides about Facebook include Facebook SSL Report, WP Like Lockout, WP Fan Pro, and more).

In this instructional guide, Jason walks his readers through several ways to drive traffic to and from Facebook pages and groups. With FB Advocate, readers will also learn how to utilize these features as much as possible:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Events
  • Using SEO with Facebook
  • Using Fiverr for Facebook
  • Facebook Tagging
  • Facebook ‘Mentions’
  • Facebook Commenting
  • Facebook Notes
  • Facebook Apps

Is Facebook Still Worth It?

Facebook has been around since 2004 and considering the demise of the other social networks that came before it (remember MySpace?), it is inevitable to wonder: is Facebook still worth the time? Well, according to recent statistics collected by TheSocialSkinny, it still is:

  • About 26% of referral traffic come from Facebook
  • 31% of Facebook users check their accounts daily
  • As of March 2012, 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook
  • 14% of online shoppers follow recommendations from Facebook

Getting Traffic from Fan Pages

One of the first lessons from FB Advocate is the fact that before you try to send traffic to a Facebook fan page, it should be carefully crafted first. According to Jason, you need to make sure the fan page appeals to targeted visitors.

FB Advocate says that some of the best ways to make sure you get the right people to “Like” your page is through hosting contests, getting comments, and using social plugins.

How FB Advocate Gives You Profits

As someone who markets a product or service online, your end goal is always to make profits. FB Advocate aims to help you achieve that through the techniques that Jason personally uses. Here are some of those techniques:

  • Facebook Advertising tricks
  • Writing headlines for ads and posts
  • Using ‘psychological triggers’ to get traffic
  • Getting more ‘Likes’ from fans
  • How to create Facebook apps
  • Getting others to promote your Page for free

Creating a Facebook App

As mentioned earlier, FB Advocate includes a section on creating Facebook apps to get traffic. If you’re clueless about this (or you have no experience in Facebook’s developer page), the good thing about Jason’s guide is that it simplifies the whole process.

FB Advocate will show, step by step (with screencaps), how to create a Facebook app that will help you and your page become more viral.

FB Advocate and Facebook Groups

Many marketers have Facebook pages. But not a lot of them have or join Facebook Groups. With FB Advocate, you will find out why, in Jason’s words, it is “a great place to get traffic for anything.”

FB Advocate readers will learn the importance of profile photos, group names, privacy controls, membership approvals, description text, posting permissions, and more importantly, the best Facebook Group strategy to get more fans and customers.

The Verdict

Overall, FB Advocate contains some bits of information that’s not found anywhere else. Each one of the 29 pages in this instructional guide has tips and tricks that has helped Jason find success from Facebook. As always, this guide is very easy to read and has a lot of screencaptures that make it easier to follow and understand.

FB Advocate costs $29.95 and has a 30-day money back guarantee. It also includes a bonus course from Jason Fladlien.


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