Jason Fladlien does an Interview on NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

by Allen Bogdanoff

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NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming

Jason recently did an interview on NLP (neurolinguistic programming).  I know what you’re thinking – What the **Bleep** is that?  It’s not as scary as it sounds actually.  I’m no expert, but in a nutshell NLP seems to be about breaking bad behavior patterns, and replacing them with new, more productive behavior patterns.  The interviewers, Michael Campbell and Sean Collins, did interviews of a total of 8 people: Jason Fladlien, Michael Breen, Kendrick Cleveland, Michael Losier, Genie Z. Laborde, Tim & Kris Hallbom, Rintu Basu, and Shelle Rose Charvet. Check out the website for more details – and here is the email I received from Jason:

I use NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
a lot to help achieve peak performance
states and make quick changes in
my behavior to break limiting

I was recently interviewed by
Sean Collins and we’ve received a lot
of good feedback from it.

Now, you can get that interview for
free. Also, when you sign up you can
listen to 7 other NLP experts giving
you additional tips on how you
can use it to enhance your business.

Click the link to check it out:
My call and all the others are free,
you just have to register at the
bottom of the page to listen
to them.

Jason “Tony Robbins Jr.” Fladlien