Make Money with WSOs – by Jason Fladlien

by Allen Bogdanoff

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Make Money With WSOs

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I just ran across a new Jason Fladlien Product called Make Money With WSOs, and its one I hadn’t heard of before (I thought I had them all!).

I’m not sure if he had his official launch for this one yet, or if he just slipped it in under the radar, but here it is.

I’ve sketched out a quick summary below.

If you’ve ever been on the Warrior forum, you have probably seen all sorts of “offers” or Warrior Special Offer’s as they call them. These are great ways to make money, and with instant feedback, you know it its a quality product or not.

Here is the link if you’d like to find out more about Make Money With WSOs

A basic simple ad in the Warrior Forum will only run $40, and once it is up in the WSO section, in short order you should have dozens if not hundreds of prospective costumers checking out your sales page.

Even if you have a decent product, and have never done this before, you can still do fine. It’s not rocket science.

One thing you should know is that average sales letter writing techniques aren’t going to work very well in a WSO. You are selling to a Internet Marketing audience, and they are a bit more savvy than the average customer. What you need instead is an customized approach or technique that takes advantage of the unique dynamics of the warrior forum.

Jason Fladlien has a fair bit of experience with the warrior forum, I think its where he got his start if I’m not mistaken. He shares the following techniques:

  • One TINY thing you can change that will earn you at least 100 additional views for your WSO.
  • He rewrites average WSO titles for your instruction, so that they now are much more interesting.
  • Jason teaches the types of benefits that you should and should not put into your WSO benefit list.
  • Evidently its not a good idea to use the word FREE in your WSO, I didn’t know that either.
  • What to put in your WSO instead of Rave Reviews (perhaps Testimonials?).
  • How to properly use the scarcity strategy in your WSO (most people don’t use it correctly, it’s so easy to mess up).

Make Money With WSOs