Plugin Hot Shot

by Allen Bogdanoff

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Plugin Hot Shot Review

Plugin Hot Shot
Aside from instructional guides and training courses, the Rapid Crush team is known for creating WordPress plugins. Plugin Hot Shot is a manual that will give outsiders an idea how Jason and his team decides on idea, develop it, and start marketing it.

If you’ve already created a plugin- or have an idea for one- and you’re wondering whether it will be a hit or not, then read on. In this review, we will look at how the 17 pages of the Plugin Hot Shot will help you find a profitable market for your WordPress plugin.

What You Need to Know About It

As previously mentioned, Plugin Hot Shot is a manual. It’s a PDF file that details how to conceptualize, develop, and promote a WordPress plugin. This course will also help people who don’t have a concrete idea yet- but they realize that creating plugins is something worth their time.

With this course, Jason will teach the five major steps to developing a good plugin:

  • Brainstorming for a plugin idea
  • Finding ‘marketable’ features of the plugin
  • Create a ‘workflow’
  • Develop the plugin
  • Start selling and promoting

Of course, we can’t go through those steps in full detail- you need to download Plugin Hot Shot yourself- but Jason will spill some of his secrets about software creation. In fact, he will even share a trick that will allow its readers to develop a plugin without spending a single cent.

Brainstorming With Plugin Hot Shot

Nowadays, it is extremely hard to come up with a service or product that doesn’t already exist yet. Aside from that, you also need to make sure it will be of some value to a big enough subset of the market (to make profits, of course). Luckily, Jason talks about the two options that will make it easier for you to decide what your plugin will be about.

With clear screen captures and direct links, Plugin Hot Shot assists its readers, step by step, in finding their very own plugin idea.

Developing WordPress Plugins

Just by reading through Plugin Hot Shot, you’ll know that the actual process of developing a software is the easiest part. In this part of the manual, Jason will provide you some ideas on where to get the most talented developers today.

If you do plan on outsourcing the development of your plugin, here’s how Plugin Hot Shot will help you out:

  • Top 5 sites to find developers
  • Writing a project description
  • Hiring the right programmer
  • Agreeing on a price
  • What to do while working with developers
  • Plugin delivery and testing

Plugin Hot Shot Marketing Ideas

In a competitive market, such as the WordPress plugin marketplace, it is normal to wonder: how can you make people notice your plugin?

Here are just a few of the several marketing ideas in Jason’s instructional manual:

  • Never over sell a plugin
  • Realize that a plugin is not an information product
  • Use the right sales page
  • Write the best headline
  • Create a built-in viral capability
  • Using tiered pricing

The Cost and Guarantee

Just like every Jason Fladlien product, Plugin Hot Shot comes with a 30 day guarantee and it costs just $12.95.


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