Become a QR Consultant With Jason Fladlien’s QR Champ

QR champ

QR Champ is the latest product to hit the market from Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos’ Rapid Crush Software Club. It is a product that lets you generate unique and useful QR codes and aside from that, you would also get a 20-page e-book that documents how you could make some money through QR consulting for local businesses.

But if you are not familiar with QR codes and you don’t know what they do but you are still interested in what you can accomplish with it, then read on. In this review, I will talk about what QRs are, how you and your business can benefit from them and lastly, what Jason and Wilson have in store for you with the new QR Champ.

QR Codes Explained

First of all, QR stands for “quick response” and it is a technology created in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave (a Toyota subsidiary) for easier scanning of their tools and equipment. Since then, QR codes have indeed gone a long way.

Aside from increasing the speed rate of processing certain products, QR codes are now also being used for storing a person’s or a business’ contact information like names, contact numbers and even URLs of their websites.

A QR code is much like the conventional bar code – it basically functions the same way. But a QR code doesn’t look like the bar code you would normally see on the side of a cereal box! It is a square box with some black modules in it, against a white background.

QR Codes for Marketing

If you flip through the pages of a magazine, chances are, you would see a page or an ad that has a QR code in it. What does that mean? Well, it could mean two things: you just got yourself a freebie (marketers use it to give away free stuff) or you can now easily get more information about that product.

As you can see, the marketing potential for QR codes is big. You can use it in many ways and they are actually open source and it is also good for hyperlinking.

In a business setting, QR codes can help you in multiple ways:

  1. It can bridge the gap between offline and online media.
  2. QR codes enable social media integration for your business.
  3. These codes can easily direct customers to whatever page in your website, specifically, your “call to action” page.
  4. It is believed to improve the SEO of a website.
  5. The effectiveness of QR codes is measurable through different analytics.
  6. Since it can be designed, it does give your site a sense of “creativity” to it.

What is QR Champ?

As I mentioned earlier, QR Champ is the latest product from Rapid Crush Software Club. It has been releases just a few days ago and unlike other products from Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, QR Champ does not necessarily cater to just internet marketers.

QR Champ is perfect for existing QR code consultants and those who want to be one. QR code generation is a pretty profitable industry if you know who your clients should be and how to market your services.

With QR Champ, you would get two things: a report on how to be a QR code consultant and the actual software called Rapid Crush Code Generator.

The QR Champ report is a 20-page digital guide that covers topics like how to get your first client, where to sell your services and everything else you need to know about QR code generation.

With the QR Champ software, you would be able to create QR codes easily. You don’t have to be “techie” to be able to do this. With the QR Champ code generator, you will be able to generate 10 different kinds of codes:

  1. Text
  2. Email
  3. Telephone
  4. URL
  5. Vcard
  6. MeCard
  7. SMS
  8. Location
  9. Bookmark
  10. Wifi

You can download and distribute the codes (via email) with just a few clicks and you can even specify the size of your QR Codes so that you can make them “print ready” if need to be.

What You’ll Get With QR Champ

Aside from the abovementioned, you will get Jason and Wilson’s 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase QR Champ.

QR Champ sells for just $27 and that is just a one-time payment. But that price is just valid in a limited time so if you are interested in it, you should grab the offer while it lasts.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “But I can generate QR codes for free.” Well, that is true. But with QR champ, you can generate 10 different types of QR codes in just one software. And besides, you can’t really put a price tag on the insider information you will get from the QR Champ report.

QR Champ is perfect for QR code marketers or internet marketers who want to help local businesses and earn some extra cash while doing so.

Check out the short Video below where Jason briefly goes over whats covered in QR Champ:

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