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Step by step mobile

Step-by-Step Mobile

Step-by-Step Mobile is a new mobile marketing course being taught by Dan Hollings, a recognized expert in mobile marketing, and presented by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos (developers of WP Twin, S3Flowshield, WP Fan Pro and others). This course is designed to be an A to Z course in mobile marketing that covers, in a word, a lot. I don’t know if any of you remember the movie that came out a few years back, it was sort of an underground sensation called “The Secret”, I think maybe in 2006 or thereabouts. Well this viral success was masterminded by none other than Dan Hollings himself, and he explains exactly how he went about promoting “The Secret”, using online and off-line methods as well as mobile. Step-by-Step Mobile is the mobile marketing course that came out of that experience, in part because of what he learned in the process of promoting “The Secret”.

To give you an overview of Step-by-Step Mobile and what it will cover is in itself going to be a long blog post, because it covers so much. But here are the basics. Dan’s going to talk quite a bit about QR codes, otherwise known as 2-D barcodes to some. And talk about how QR codes work, why they work, and exactly how to implement their use. In case you didn’t notice, Dan Hollings is big on QR codes.

As well as talking about QR codes, Step-by-Step Mobile is going to talk about how to use them to make a promotion or Facebook video go “viral” so to speak. By causing something to go viral, you are in essence getting other people to promote for you, and to do it for free. This is the best time advertising there is, if you think about it. So Dan Hollings is big on getting things to go viral, and he explains how you can go about doing that using QR codes as well as other techniques.

Dan Holling also talks a bunch in Step-by-Step Mobile about online advertising, using Admob as well as other mobile advertisers. He also talks about how to use Foursquare, and now it’s going to be huge and you should get on there now. It also talks a lot about SMS, and it’s extremely high open rates, approaching 100%, and how we should all be using SMS as part of our Internet marketing strategy. He also talks about mobile versions of websites, and how every online marketer that has a website needs to make sure that it has a mobile version as well since that is the direction these days. Soon everybody will be looking at the web on some sort of mobile device, so why wait to get your website ready. And these are just a few of the topics that Step-by-Step Mobile is going to be covering, don’t worry there are plenty more.

A couple more things that Dan says about videos are worth mentioning. He says that videos are some of the best promotional vehicles around, and that mobile video is even better, because it’s even more likely to go viral. A quick strategy could be something as simple as doing the following: put a video on Facebook, create a QR code that points to your Facebook video, and spread the QR code around both online and off-line. You would be very surprised to see how many people will watch your video, and if your call the action is good enough and video is interesting enough, you’ll get a lot of people to click on the buy link.

Dan Holling goes over a long list of the different topics and subjects that he will be covering in Step-by-Step Mobile in the webinar, so I’m just going to paraphrase him here. Step-by-Step Mobile is going to cover mobile coupons, and how they can be used in your overall Internet strategy. Have you ever heard of Groupon, and who hasn’t, using a similar strategy you can do a type of “mini groupon” site that is based around mobile coupons. Very interesting. Dan Hollings also will go over mobile apps, and how it’s not nearly as hard to create a mobile app as you might be thinking it is. Mobile apps are the next wave of the Internet, and soon they will be as common or more common than websites so we all need to be thinking in that direction.

I know that we have already mentioned QR codes, so it probably doesn’t need to be mentioned again that QR codes are going to be a part of the Step-by-Step Mobile course. In essence, you can make money with these funny little 2D barcodes, and Dan Hollings is going to teach you how exactly. Another topic that will be covered in Step-by-Step Mobile is something that Dan likes to call mCommerce, or mobile commerce. In it he will explain how you can get people to buy things directly from their mobile devices. Seeing as how people are accessing the web and websites through their mobile phones and iPads, it makes sense that they would start to buy things directly from these devices. Dan Hollings will teach you how you can get them to buy things from you, on these mobile devices.

Mobile SEO. How this is different exactly from regular SEO, I don’t know. But Dan Hollings does, and is going to teach you how to use mobile SEO to get to the top of the rankings in the mobile searches. Sounds like a good thing to know how to do, can’t wait to see exactly how he does it. And of course there is mobile social, which I believe is how to make money from the fact that people are accessing websites like Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare, more and more often, from their mobile devices. This does seem like a very good opportunity, although monetizing Facebook and Twitter any social sites I’ve always seen as somewhat of a challenge. If Step-by-Step Mobile can teach me how to do that, then it will have already proved its worth to me.

Evidently there are also ways to use the Kindle and the iPad to make money online. I believe that it has to do with the fact that it’s very easy and simple to publish books that can be sold to these devices, and Step-by-Step Mobile has a step-by-step plan that will show you exactly how to go about implementing this. In addition, Dan will be teaching about mobile landing pages and how to set them up, and the differences they have to regular landing pages. He talks about this briefly, and basically mobile landing pages are much simpler and much faster to set up than anything you would use in a regular website. Step-by-Step Mobile will show you exactly how to set up mobile landing pages for maximum fun and profit.

Mobile affiliate marketing. This one sounds particularly interesting, maybe there’s a way I can purchase just this one section of the course. Evidently mobile advertising is extremely cheap, but it’s hard to get conversions. Part of the problem is that most sale pages are not mobile friendly, and I can certainly attest to that being true. In Step-by-Step Mobile, Dan will teach his students how to bypass the regular landing pages and how to substitute one of your own, mobile friendly landing page. Using these techniques, you can turn that cheap mobile traffic into some very highly converting, moneymaking traffic.

Dan Holling certainly knows how to keep one guessing, because Step-by-Step Mobile includes a course section that he calls the mystery session. In it he is going to teach us something very important that nobody else is doing right now. The reason he’s not say exactly what this is, is because he doesn’t want any of his competitors to find out and steal his thunder. Can’t wait to see what this is. The Step-by-Step Mobile marketing course is chock-full of mobile marketing information, but if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, Dan and Jason are offering a 30 Day, no questions asked, money back satisfaction guarantee. That’s good to know, and keep in mind that this course goes on for six months so it won’t be possible for someone to theoretically get the full content of this course, and then get your money back. Not that anyone would actually do that. So there you have, it Step-by-Step Mobile in a nutshell.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. There are at least two different bonuses that Dan Hollings is including in his Step-by-Step Mobile marketing course. He will be including his mobile consultant playbook, which gives a very detailed plan of how to make money in the local business game. It’s actually a step-by-step guide, which covers an entire year of local business marketing. The second bonus, and I’m not sure this bonus is still available or not so forgive me if it isn’t, is the Twitter Twenius bonus. Twitter Twenius is a completely separate course that Dan normally sells for $997 that covers everything about Twitter, as you can imagine. Dan is including the course for free for everyone who signs up for a Step-by-Step Mobile marketing course.

Check out the video below to see the Step-by-Step Mobile marketing Webinar replay, or you can see the replay here as well.


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Step-by-Step Mobile