Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tools

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Mobile Products

WP Mobile Pro3. WP Mobile Pro

If plugins and themes are too basic for you and you want to build mobile sites, WP Mobile Pro is your best bet. Created by the Rapid Crush club, this application will let you create mobile sites in seconds. Aside from creating a mobile version of your own website, you can use this application to make a mobile website for your clients.



4. Step By Step Mobile

Knowledge is power. And with mobile marketing, just like when you first started with internet marketing, you need some training. Step by Step Mobile is a collaboration between Wilson Mattos and Dan Hollings (the man behind the advertising success of The Secret) where they will teach you , step by step, how to succeed in the mobile market.
QR Champ

5. QR Champ

Online shoppers are bargain shoppers. QR Champ is another product of the Jason and Wilson that takes advantage of the trends in eCommerce. Although it is not strictly a mobile app, plugin, or theme, it lets you create QR codes, which are fast becoming an interesting and fast way to give exposure to your products. QR Champ lets you bridge the gap between offline and online advertising – and now, mobile advertising too.

Express for WordPress6. Express for WordPress

Sometimes, the best ideas come to you in the most inopportune time – when you’re not infront of your PC. Well, as long as you have your phone in front of you, you can easily transfer your million-dollar ideas and publish it on your blog with Express for WordPress. This is an application from Woo Themes that will let you seamlessly control your website through your mobile phone.

WP Tap Review7. WPTap

A plugin and a theme rolled into one, WPtap is especially made to make mobile browsing perfect for touchscreen phones. WPtap has numerous themes and plugin that will fit a mobile marketer’s specific needs. Whether you own a corporate site or a video-centric website, you will find something to like with WPtap. Your website visitors will also have the option to switch to the non-mobile version of your website if they prefer. Page 3

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