Vegas (Aug 13-14) *Sold Out*

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Las Vegas Trip

The title of the post says it all.  Sold Out.  As in Gone, bye bye, hasta la vista.  But there is yet some good news, which I will reveal to you now:

Until Monday, 5 days from now, you can buy the live video streaming package, and watch the whole 16 hour pitch-free marathon in the comfort of your own bed, in your jammies.  The price?  Until Monday its $97, then it goes to $129 I believe.

You can ask questions too, through the magic of the internet.  Just as good as being there, better even.   Minus that whole networking thing.  And minus the cool photos you could have taken with the “gurus”.

And the excellent webinar mentioned below has already taken place, alas.  But I will be covering it in an upcoming “best of webinar” post, condensed to just the best bits.

Here is the link to the site with the live video streaming package.


The seminar in Vegas has officially  SOLD OUT.
I look forward to meeting all 100 of you who
made it before it closed!

If you didn’t sign up in time or couldn’t
make it out to Vegas, I have something you’ll
want… and it’s free…

We’re doing a  FREE “What’s Working RIGHT NOW”
webinar this Wednesday with all 6 of the speakers
who will be at the practical profits event.

Each will spend about 10 minutes telling you ONE
tactic that has supercharged sales for their business.

The webinar will be this Wednesday, July 21st, at
7 P.M. Eastern Time.

Click on the link above to see what each speaker
will be sharing on the webinar. Then sign up
and I’ll see you on the call Wednesday!

Jason “Iowa Boy hits it big in Vegas” Fladlien

P.S. All 1000 spots on the webinar might fill
up since all 6 of us speakers are emailing
for this special free webinar, so you might
want to sign up ASAP and get on the call
10 minutes early to guarantee you get in!