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by Allen Bogdanoff

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More Traffic With WP Like Lockout WordPress Plugin

Wp like lockout

If you use Facebook at all as part of your marketing strategy, then you will quickly realize how important WP Like Lockout can be for you: a tool that helps you get that “Like” from as many visitors to your website as you can. Thanks to WP Like Lockout, you can just about force all visitors to your site to “Like” it on Facebook, which can increase the amount of your Facebook and Google traffic.

To see exactly how WP Like Lockout works, check out the 2 minute video below, as Jason Fladlien shows you how to configure it.

WP Like Lockout is the latest product of Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos new software club, called Rapid Crush Software Club. Some of their more popular titles are S3Flowshield, WP Twin, and Easy Redirect Script.

The Power Of Social Networking

As you may already know, social networking sites are among the most popular sites today. Having crushed the competition (Myspace) Facebook is the by far the leading social networking site, gathering many more people from all over the world in one virtual space. For this reason many business, both online and offline, are using social media for promoting sites, services and products. Facebook is the “new” Google, so to speak.

Increase Your Likes With WP Like Lockout

The main way Facebook can help promote a website or blog is through the use of the “Like” button. The “Like” button is an easy, one click way for Facebook users to say that they approve of, or “Like” a certain, status, note, picture, statement, page or even website. And when a person on Facebook clicks “Like” their friends list are able to see this on their profile page, which allows the page or site to get greater traffic. Wp Like Lockout simply leverages the power of this like button.

Aside from this, a list of the people who have clicked “Like” can also be seen (depending on the settings) on the page or blog, which can add credibility to a website, giving people more confidence in it once they see that their own friends and associates have “Liked” the site.

WP Like Lockout is a “Squeeze Page” For Likes

One way to guarantee that your content or site receives more “Likes” is through the use of WP Like Lockout. WP Like Lockout is basically a pop-up requesting that the visitor like that page in order to proceed. It can be compared to a squeeze page, but instead of collecting names and addresses, you are able to maximize the chances that someone clicks the “Like” button.

WP Like Lockout can also be configured to allow you to select a different URL from the current page, allowing you to have your visitors “Like” any page you choose. The result is more Facebook “Likes” allowing you greater traffic with the click of a button.

Easy Options and Configuration

WP Like Lockout, similar to other products from Jason Fladlien, is an easy to use WordPress plugin which includes several configuration options for setting up your Like Lockout pop-up. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can have any page on your blog have a pop-up. Just add pop-up text, and select how often and when the pop-up appears, and WP Like Lockout will do the rest.

Want more options? WP Like Lockout allows you to show the faces of the people who have liked your site, choose whether or not to show a close button, choose how long the popup will stay up without being clicked, and how long until the popup appears again.

The Jason Fladlien Guarantee

Like with any other of Jason Fladlien’s products, you can try WP Like Lockout for 30 days, risk free. At the end of this period, you can get a refund for any reason at all, no questions asked.

With WP Like Lockout, you can increase your visibility on Facebook and Google, generate additional traffic, and increase your site’s credibility, all with a the simple click of a “Like” button.

Check out the 2 min. video below where Jason demonstrates exactly how WP Like Lockout works.

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