WP Split Tester Pro

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Jason Fladlien

WP Split Tester Pro Information

WP Split Tester ProSplit testing is a common practice by many marketers to find out what will work best with their site. WP Split Tester Pro is Rapid Crush’s plugin and guide that attempts to ease the process of setting up and running split tests.

In this review, we will go through how Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos thought about creating the WP Split Tester Pro, its different features, creating split tests, and how much it will cost.

The Importance of Split Testing

Split testing (or A/B testing) is a common web practice to compare how effective two versions of a website or page. A lot of companies use this technique (some big names include BBC, eBay. Google, Netflix, and Zynga) to find out what version will bring in more profits or traffic.

Although there are many variations to split testing, the end goal is the same: find what version is better.

The Story Behind WP Split Tester Pro

Many marketers know that it is important to do split tests but there are some factors that get into realizing that. According to Jason, these are the top three reasons for that:

  1. It’s hard to set up split tests.
  2. It takes a long time to create the tests.
  3. Traffic is not enough for split testing.

Aside from trying to solve these problems for marketers, it was this email that showed Jason the importance of split testing.

Using WP Split Tester Pro Plugin

The WP Split Tester Pro allows its users to set up and run split tests in a few minutes. With this plugin, an otherwise laborious process, can be cut down to a few clicks. To use this plugin, there are only three steps to follow:

1. Install it just like any other WordPress plugin.
2. Enter the details needed: test name, test trigger URL, test page/s, destination page/s, and the option to show visitors the same test page.
3. Check the results and compare the statistics.

The great thing about the plugin is that it will provide you with statistics that could be very helpful: number of views, visitors, conversions, and rates.

The WP Split Tester Pro Documentation

When you download this plugin, it will come with complete support and documentation to use it. The document will feature a more detailed and step-by-step process of using the plugin.

The “Split Testing Bastard” Bonus

Aside from the plugin and documentation, WP Split Tester Pro comes with a bonus: video training aimed at finding the best page for your split tests.

In the video, Jason will also talk about:

  • How to increase conversion
  • His personal squeeze page split testing secrets
  • What pages do not need to be tested
  • Why “social proofs” aren’t really important
  • How his “contextual testing” can increase conversion by 591%
  • More tips and tricks

The video training bonus, although not advertised on the WP Split Tester Pro website, is very informative and will certainly make your split tests more effective.

The Cost of WP Split Test Pro

Much like most products from the Rapid Crush Club, there are three pricing and package options for WP Split Test Pro:

Basic Package
– Plugin can be used on three sites
– Costs $49.95

Pro Package

– Plugin can be used on 10 sites
– Costs $79.95

Advanced Package

– Plugin can be used on 25 sites

– Costs $99.95

WP Split Test Pro also comes with a 30-day guarantee and support from the Jason Fladlien team.

The Overall Verdict: WP Split Test Pro

Just like what Jason and Wilson said, a lot of marketers forego split testing because of many different reasons. WP Split Test Pro aims to solve those problems with this easy-to-use and statistics-based plugin.

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