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by Allen Bogdanoff

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WP Enlighten Information and Review

WP EnlightenWatch the webinar replay here: WP Enlighten. Replay will only be available for a limited time so check it out ASAP.

In its latest ‘launch party,” the Rapid Crush team unveiled a plugin designed to simplify writing and designing sales pages called WP Enlighten. Before the webinar today, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos promised their customers a “0000” But the question is, was the promise broken or kept?

If you missed the webinar launch party of WP Enlighten, don’t worry, we will cover the major takeaways from the presentation. In this article, you will also find out how you can score major discounts from this new plugin.

WP Enlighten Basics

Before we talk about the different “goals of WP Enlighten,” as Jason said, here are a few bullets about it to help you understand what this plugin is all about:
1. It is designed to keep sales pages unique, more engaging, and improve conversion rates.
2. It is a WordPress plugin that can be used with other tools- whether it’s from Rapid Crush or not.
3. WP Enlighten integrates cloud computing with your website’s sales page.
4. The platform is patterned over WYSIWYG.
5. There are three one-time payment pricing packages.

Jason said that when it comes to running an online business, there are four elements that needs to be prioritized: squeeze pages, Facebook pages, sales pages, and blogs. And in “Jason’s Value Hierarchy,” sales pages definitely come first. As he said, this is where WP Enlighten comes in.

Still interested? Read on.

Jason’s Goals with WP Enlighten

During the webinar, after talking about the faults of most sales-pages-design software, Jason talked about the six things that WP Enlighten aims to accomplish:
1. Allows users to pick sales page settings “at random” instantly and end up with an attractive and high-converting page.
2. Allow integration or compatibility with other plugins with the similar functions.
3. Promote unique sales pages that will enhance brand recognition.
4. Assist marketers in picking a sales page that combines attractiveness with timelessness and effectiveness.
5. Help users craft the sales letter that sells the most.
6. Integrate videos in sales pages flawlessly and effectively.

Three Pricing Options 

If you are interested in WP Enlighten, here are the three pricing packages that you can choose from:

But if you order before December 10, you’ll be able to get WP Enlighten’s Gold Level with a huge discount:

 What You Will Get 

Every online marketer need to have an attractive and effective sales page that is capable of convincing potential customers that they need to purchase their products/services. With years of experience behind him and indisputable success in the internet marketing field, Jason has the “bragging rights” to talk about the best practices in crafting sales pages.

If you purchase WP Enlighten, here’s a list of the different features and benefits that you will get:

  • The WP Enlighten plugin
  • Training materials
  • Rapid Crush support (free for one year)
  • Option to integrate the WP Enlighten private cloud service ($29.95/monthly)
  • Option to integrate the WP Enlighten public cloud service ($19.95/monthly)
  • Easy integration with other similar plugins
  • Hundred of icons and graphics (arrows, check marks, numbers, etc.) that Jason personally uses
  • Integration with YouTube (plus secrets to make video sales pages more effective)
  • Allows your theme to be more responsive
  • And more!

Don’t forget, WP Enlighten’s discount is only available for a limited time! So after you watch the webinar replay, go on to the WP Enlighten sales page and check it out.

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