6 in 6 Coaching and Webinar Replay

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Webinars

6 in 6 Coaching Overview

6 in 6 coaching

There is a new affordable coaching system in town, and its name is 6 in 6 Coaching by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. The 6 in 6 Coaching program is not a full of hype, super expensive, get rich overnight type of coaching program thankfully. Jason Fladlien’s coaching product is similar to all the rest of his products (WP Fan Pro, WP Twin, and more) in that it is practical, it’s effective and easy-to-follow, and it is very reasonably priced.

Before I get into all the details of the upcoming 6 in 6 Coaching and what it includes, I wanted to mention a few things that aren’t going to be important for this training.  Also, you may want to check out the 6 in 6 Coaching webinar replay below (also see below for information on the Bonus Seminar).

What 6 in 6 Coaching Isn’t

For the 6 in 6 Coaching program, you don’t need any technical skills, and what you do need you will be taught. And neither will your experience in internet marketing be of much benefit, as a matter fact it will probably be easier if you come without any preconceived notions. Your age will not matter, and neither will the fact that you have or have not lots of connections in the internet marketing world. What really matters is that you are able to follow advice, work hard, and have a desire to build a real business.

Details of 6 in 6 Coaching

Now let’s get into the real meat and potatoes of the 6 in 6 Coaching. This coaching program will have a two-hour live webinar with either Jason Fladlien or Wilson Mattos once every other week. The webinar will be interactive, with live Q and A sessions, and they will be recorded as well. You will be able to access recordings for as long as necessary. 6 in 6 Coaching is a full six months program, and that includes personal as well as group coaching, group mastermind sessions, and other trainings.

6 in 6 Accountability Partner

One of the interesting features of 6 in 6 Coaching is that everybody will be assigned something called an accountability partner. Although I don’t know the exact details of this, I imagine that an accountability partner would be someone who would hold you accountable to your daily commitments. And you would hold them accountable as well, so that together you will accomplish much more than either would alone. This sounds like a sound strategy, and a good way to get used to working as a team which is an important concept in 6 in 6 Coaching.

The 6 in 6 Autopsy

When you first sign up for 6 in 6 Coaching, you’ll be asked to fill out a self assessment questionnaire, here referred to as an “autopsy”. Using the results of this questionnaire you’ll be paired with your accountability partner, and the results of this “autopsy” should teach you a lot about what is holding you back from success. The first training program is already finished and waiting in the members area, and will be available as soon as you join. You will have lifetime access to all materials covered in 6 in 6 Coaching including the recorded webinars and all other trainings.

6 in 6 Coaching Webinar Replay (see below)

6 in 6 Coaching will cover more material than I can cover in this overview (see webinar replay below), but I want to mention a few of the topics here to give you an idea. Jason and Wilson are going to teach about how to do basic research, and how there are at least 25 different ways to do this. They will teach about something called idle chit chat, and how this can be the gateway to becoming an expert in a niche topic. They will talk about the three-step formula which is covered in the webinar, and is a cornerstone to a lot of the different techniques they teach in 6 in 6 Coaching.

3 Step Formula

The three step formula for that is explained in step-by-step detail in 6 in 6 Coaching is an important concept, but it’s not overly complicated or difficult to understand. As a matter fact, I’m going to include it here so that you can see for yourself. You can get even more details by watching the 6 in 6 coaching webinar replay at the bottom

Step 1) locate a topic for people are willing to pay money for expertise

Step 2) you must be able to “master” this topic in 15 hours or less

Step 3) reach a large portion of people who are willing to invest in the expertise you now offer

6 in 6 Coaching Topics

Here are some of the other topics that will be covered by 6 in 6 Coaching:

Micro Websites – how to set up small websites quickly and easily

Facebook Fortunes – how to use Facebook to build a brand and drive traffic

Product Pro – how to quickly and easily create a product that has 100% margins

E-mail Einstein – how to get permission to send people commercial e-mails

List Building – no self-respecting coaching program would be caught without a section on list building

Consultant Cash – everybody is an expert in something, and will show you how to tap into that expertise and start earning money from it

Affiliate Ace – earn money from other people’s products

Article Money – Jason Fladlien got started making money with articles, and you can to

Joint Venture Genius – Internet marketing is a team sport, and sooner you connect with others the better off you’ll be

Video Virtuoso – using YouTube and other free video sites to drive traffic and make money

PLR Profits – how to use Private Label Rights the right way

and a Secret Training Module – its secret.

So that’s 6 in 6 Coaching in a nutshell, and if you think that’s a lot wait till you see the actual training. And for the amount of training that you get, I believe that the price is quite reasonable at $97 upfront, and then an additional $97 each month for the next five months.

6 in 6 Coaching is being offered with Jason Fladlien’s standard full 30 day money back guarantee, so that if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the first training that you receive, you have 30 days to get a full refund with no questions asked. This basically means that 6 in 6 Coaching is a no risk offer, and that you can get the first months training and webinar for free if you decide to take advantage of the 30 day guarantee.

The  6 in 6 Coaching webinar replay is posted below for your convenience. Beware, its almost 2 hours long, but they do go over everything in detail.

[S3VIDEO file=’6in6_webinar_replay.mp4′ sitemap=’true’ bgimage=’/wp-content/uploads/6in6_thumb.jpg’]

(Details of the 48 hr Bonus) – If you purchase within a 48hr window, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the Sept. Mastermind in Las Vegas