Copywriting Coaching Webinar and Class

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Copywriting

Jason is Relaunching his Copywriting course in a webinar this June 24th. Don’t worry that you have already missed the first webinar of this 6 webinar weekly course, after you sign-up its all recorded and available for you to access and review as often as you please.
Here is the link to sign up now: click here

Here is the email that Jason sent me:

Jason here. The webinar we did last night was a smash
success, lots of love and something close to 60 people
signed up for the special offer.

That’s because the free content was soooo good!

Anyways, here is the replay:

You’ll want to watch it immediately as the webinar
coaching program I offer at the end of the call
expires soon.

Jason “a few more days til the baby is here!” Fladlien