Easy Redirect Script

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Easy Redirect Script

Easy redirect script

If you’re not currently using a redirection script such as Easy Redirect Script by Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien, then you haven’t been in the Internet marketing field for too long yet. Almost every person working in the Internet marketing or affiliate marketing business area, will at some point have the need for a redirection script. There are many choices of free link shorteners, however with free you usually get what you pay for. The biggest problem with free link shorteners is that there is no way to edit them. For most people, it makes a lot more sense to have a self hosted redirection script, the advantages are many, and the disadvantages are practically nonexistent. That is why a multifunctional and reliable redirection script such as Easy Redirect Script is becoming a standard tool in the toolbox of almost every person involved in e-commerce.

One of the reasons that a self hosted solution such as Easy Redirect Script is preferable, is because of security. If you are in control of the redirect part of your business, and everything goes through servers that you own, there is far less chance that someone could hijack your affiliate links. In truth, the real reason in my opinion is that you want to control every aspect of your business that is important, and where your URLs take people is obviously an important part of any online business. Free Link shorteners, aside from not giving you the option of editing them later on, don’t give you many choices in how you set up your redirect. And the resulting URL, while short it’s true, is often ugly and impossible to remember. When you set up your own redirects, you can use any domain that you own, so your redirects will look exactly like you want them to. The Easy Redirect Script in particular, is full of very useful options that enhance the power of this script, and I will go over some of them here.

The reason it is called Easy Redirect Script is because, simply put, it’s very easy to use. It has been set up so that even the installation of the script is painless, and once it is installed on any domain that you choose it’s an absolute breeze work with. There are many short tutorial videos for practically every option available, and remember there are quite a few options for this script. If all you need to do is to set up a simple redirect, that should take you in order of a few seconds from beginning to end. But no matter what you decide to do with Easy Redirect Script, it is all explained in the documentation, and he has been completely designed with non-technical people in mind. So basically, Easy Redirect Script has been designed so that it’s so simple a caveman could do it.

Another feature that makes Easy Redirect Script so fast is that it has been built with Ajax technology. For you nerds (myself included) that are reading this, you know that this technology is much faster than PHP or some of the other web scripting languages. No need to reload the whole page every time you do something, which speeds up everything enormously. Easy Redirect Script gives you several types of redirects, such as SEO redirects which pass link juice, stealthy redirects which do stealthy things, and another kind of redirect that they call the promo redirect, which is pretty slick. Of course, Easy Redirect Script allows you to edit and change anything about your redirect at any time, which gives you a lot of flexibility. For example, if the affiliate link changes, there is no need to go and redo all the links that you have spread out all over the internet in blogs and other places. Using Easy Redirect Script, you can just change the affiliate link in one central place, and everything is updated everywhere automatically.

Easy Redirect Script also allows for some very detailed statistical tracking, which as everyone knows is absolutely vital for success in theĀ competitiveĀ field of affiliate marketing. With Easy Redirect Script you will have one click access to all the information about a redirect, including how many times that link has been clicked. You can also organize your redirects by categories as well as descriptions, which can be very useful when you start to get hundreds or even thousands of different redirects.

And of course Easy Redirect Script comes with, as I mentioned before, excellent documentation and support. There are even tooltips located throughout so that if you are ever uncertain of what something does, you have quick access to an answer. You will be able to use Easy Redirect Script on any and all of your domains, it is a multi-site unlimited license. There is a one-time fee for Easy Redirect Script, and of course you get the standard Jason Fladlien guarantee, which is your money back no questions asked for 30 days. If you like Easy Redirect Script, make sure to check out some other Jason Fladlien’s Products, such as WP Twin, S3flowshield, and WP Member Champ.

Check out the short video below for some super-quick Easy Redirect Action:

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Easy Redirect Script