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by Allen Bogdanoff

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Egghead Blogger

Now, to be Honest, I’m not even sure I should be promoting this right now.  I don’t think it’s been released to the public just yet, but hey, the affiliate link was just sitting there…. I might get in trouble for this, but Oh Well!!

Jason has gotten heavily into WordPress now, he has released his own set of 7 Affiliate Marketing friendly themes in a package he calls the Egghead Blogger.  The themes are listed below.

Check out Egghead Blogger for all the Details and Demo’s.

  • Beach Theme
  • Class Theme
  • Clean Theme
  • Prodog Theme
  • Shades Theme
  • Stand Theme
  • Uggo Theme

Almost forgot to mention, You get 3 Bonuses, as well as Free Lifetime Updates.


I finally got the email launching EggHead Blogger .

I’ve got some new slick “WordPress 3.0” themes
that – If you need a sales letter, affiliate
review site or an offline consulting website…
You MUST check out.

–>Egghead Blogger<–

You can use these to set up WordPress sales letters
in seconds. I’ve even got a new plugin you get to use
to format your sales letters just like I do mine.

Right and left sidebars in seconds. Testimonial
boxes in seconds. Order form in seconds. All
designed to increase sales.

–>Egghead Blogger<–

If you’re an affiliate, you know that getting
review sites ranked high in Google for product
reviews can yield some simple and easy cash.

The hard part is setting up the websites!

Not any more – A few minutes and you’ll have
sites that Google loves, and also are very
easy for you to insert affiliate products
and promotions where they’re most likely
to convert and bring you in affiliate

–>Egghead Blogger<–

For offline consultants – There is a theme
that just makes you look so pro, people
will want to hire you once they see it!

And it takes less than 5 minutes to set
up. It’s perfect to get offline clients
from small brick ‘n mortar businesses…

This theme you get is a MUST if you’re
in this niche or thinking about it.

–>Egghead Blogger<–

Click the link above to see each
theme in action and to get the full

Jason “Professor Egghead” Fladlien