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Measure my SEO

Measure My SEO

Jason Fladlien certainly does not rest for very long, he has a new product out and it’s called Measure My SEO. How many new products does that make this month, let’s see, he launched WP Fan Pro, as well as the WP File Lock, not to mention the Rapid Crush Software Club, as well as WP Local Pro. Now I’m not sure if they were all launched this month, but it so hard to keep track because he launches so many products on such a regular basis. In any case, Measure My SEO is a WordPress plug-in developed by Jason Fladlien and his partner Wilson Mattos, which allows you to get an up to the minute measure of how your blog post measures up in terms of its SEO optimization.

Measure My SEO will show you an overall SEO percentage, which basically is a quick guide that lets you know if your blog post still needs to be SEO optimized, or if it’s already looking pretty good. This WordPress plug-in sits right next to your post editing box, and it will show you exactly the things that you need to know in order to improve your on-page SEO. Once you achieve a ranking of 90% or above, you can feel confident that your blog post is going to be ranked and categorized properly, and for the proper keywords, by Google. Measure My SEO allows you to focus on writing the content while it takes care of the SEO details.

So what is it exactly that Measure My SEO measures? Measure My SEO has a checklist of items that are visible to you as you write your blog. As these items get completed, a green check mark appears next to them and your SEO optimization percentage goes up. This gives you a nice visual way of checking to see if your article is a SEO friendly or not. The checklist includes many different SEO items such as, whether or not the keyword phrase is in the title tag, and whether it is between 10 and 60 characters. Measure My SEO will also check to see if you have H1, H2, and H3 tags.

Another key SEO metric that Measure My SEO will track for you, is the all-important keyword density metric. Once you input your keyword phrase in the appropriate box, Measure My SEO will keep updating your keyword density percentage so that you know if you are where you need to be. It will track whether or not the keyword phrase is in the alt tag of any images in your blog post, as well as if it’s in the description meta-tag. And it will show you, using the checkmarks for the red crosses, exactly what it is that’s still missing from your blog in terms of SEO. Once you install Measure My SEO, it will do all this for you all on autopilot, for every blog post that you write.

Measure My SEO is great to use when you’re starting out a brand-new blog. You can make sure that each and every blog post is as SEO optimized from the start. However, it is also designed to be able to be used with existing blogs that have dozens if not hundreds of existing posts. Once you install this WordPress plug-in, you will see in the post screen of WordPress admin, that every post has a Measure My SEO score next to it. This will allow you to go into every post and optimize it if you so choose. Measure My SEO basically gives you a nice visual representation of the SEO fitness of all of your blog posts, which makes it much easier to know which ones still need to be optimized.

Did I mention that Measure My SEO will also keep track of whether or not you are using bold, italics, or underlining your keyword phrases within your content? It is very easy to forget to do these little detail oriented things when you are busy thinking of what the content should be, that’s why it’s so valuable to have a friend like Measure My SEO by your side, constantly reminding you of these small but important details.

The final thing I would like to mention about Measure My SEO is that it allows you to configure the SEO settings so that you get to decide, for instance, what keyword density percentage you would like to have in your articles. In the settings panel you can change many of the preset options to your liking, so that Measure My SEO is personalized to your individual needs.

Check out the short video below of Jason Fladlien configuring and using Measure My SEO.

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Measure My SEO

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