WPtap Review

by Allen Bogdanoff

in Mobile Products


WPTap- Theme And Plugin Rolled In One 

Most mobile marketing products are either just a plugin or a just a theme- WPTap is not one of them. A self-proclaimed “WordPress specialist”, this company focuses on developing tools for mobile use.

With WPTap you don’t have to decide whether it’s a theme or a plugin. Because with it, you will get both.

What Is WPTap?

Strictly speaking, WPTap is not a product. It’s a company that develops mobile themes and plugins that can convert a WordPress site into a mobile-friendly website. A website that is WPTap-optimized can be viewed perfectly in an iPhone, iPod Touch, touch-based Blackberry, and other Android smarthphones.

WP Tap products are especially made for touchscreen smartphones so that would be something to consider. A WPTap mobile website may not look as good in a smaller mobile screen or on old style feature phones. But considering the fact that in 2011 alone, 55 million units of iPhone were sold, you can assume that a big percentage of your mobile viewers are on touchscreen phones.

Creating Mobile Sites With WPTap

There are two main avenues to mobile marketing with WPTap. Use the plugin or choose one of the mobile themes. Either way, you won’t be running out of ways to customize your site for it to look good on an iPhone or any touchscreen device, for that matter. WPTap products have many features that you can use to customize your website- change fonts, color themes, media formats, etc.

Now, an interesting feature of the WPTap product is its ability to let your mobile viewers decide if they want to browse your site in the mobile version, or through the original non-mobile theme. When a person browses your website, they will see an option at the bottom of the page if they would want to be redirected to the normal format of your website.

WP Tap Review

WPTap Mobile Themes

If you are in the market for a mobile WordPress theme, you will find yourself in front of a lot of interesting and attractive options with WPTap. Currently, there are 10 styles to choose from. All of these designs fulfill all the basic needs of a website. All the themes are prices at $49.99, unless stated otherwise.

      1. Tap News – theme and plugin package in a mobile web application style
      2. On Demand Mobile – mobile and normal video theme that also has a plugin
      3. Video Elements Mobile – mobile and normal theme for video-centric sites
      4. Massive News Mobile – mobile and normal theme for news and media sites
      5. Massive News Mobile Theme for all PC Themes – standalone mobile theme for news and media sites
      6. On Demand iPad – mobile theme for video-centric websites especially made for iPad viewing
      7. Video Flick Mobile – mobile and normal theme for videos and blogs
      8. TV Elements Mobile ($39.99) – simple mobile theme for browsing and watching videos
      9. Vidley Mobile ($39.99) – mobile and normal them for video-centric websites
      10. WPtap Pages – mobile theme package with three styles to choose from

WPTap Plugin

Now, as you can see from the list above, the different mobile themes from WPTap also sometimes serve as a plugin. But if you are looking for a plugin that is nothing more than just a plugin, WPTap has the WPtap Mobile Detector. The best thing about it, aside from automatically detecting mobile visitors, is it’s free! And you don’t even have to have a mobile theme installed. Automatically, WPtap Mobile Detector will make your site look good in mobile.

WPtap Mobile Detector will activate your site’s mobile theme if it detects that a person is accessing your site from a mobile device. Here are the other things that WPtap Mobile Detector can do:

  • Redirects mobile traffic to a separate WAP/mobile site
  • Has its own mobile device listing (you can also add devices manually)
  • Can be integrated into any WPTap theme

Now aside from its limitation (caters to only high-end touch-based smartphones), WPTap is one of the best tools to have for mobile marketing. For a reasonable price, you can easily make your website mobile friendly and ensure that your mobile customers will be properly served.

If you’re looking for a theme and/or a plugin for mobile marketing that does what it’s supposed to without any frills, WPTap is worth taking a closer look at.