Amazing Selling Machine 14 – A.I. Advantage

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Amazing Selling Machine 14 – the A.I. Advantage


I was part of the first very edition of amazing selling machine, or ASM as it’s sometimes called.  I think that was about 12 years ago give or take.  Here is what I think about it.  It’s a very well put together course, that gives very precise step-by-step instructions on how to research, source, launch and market an e-commerce product using Amazon as your traffic source, your e-commerce store front, and your fulfillment partner.  The software, coaching, and training you will receive are top notch. The course has been refined over the years so by now the latest iteration is very polished and complete.  The people involved, such as Matt Clarke and Mike McClary, know their stuff and are good teachers.  The price hasn’t changed much since it first started, so if anything it’s relatively cheaper than when I bought it.

None of this will guarantee your success.  As the saying goes, there is no free lunch.  You will have to work hard and be persistent.  It’s not easy but it’s definitely doable, as evidenced by the large number of people who have gone on to make small fortunes after going through earlier versions of the course.  I was one of those people who made some good money after taking the course.  To be honest it was easier back then, there was less competition.  It does take time some time each day, so be prepared for that – maybe 2 hours per day is a good estimate at the beginning.

Here’s the thing: a course like this is exactly what you make of it.  For the person who goes on to make a million dollars or even just $50k per year, if he paid $10,000 for the course it would still seem cheap.  Conversely, for the person who doesn’t really try and ends up not having much success, well if they paid even $100 for the course it would still feel like too much.  What really matters with courses like these is the content, training, coaching and the post sale support.  And this course has all those things in spades.  I feel the price they are asking is a fair price (spoiler – it’s $3,499).  And you get lifetime access to the training.  The money back guarantee they are offering is a very nice touch as well.

Here are few highlights from the 4 video series that serve as an introduction to ASM.  They are well worth watching if you are interested in the course, Matt is a excellent  speaker and provides relevant content and a thorough overview of what to expect.

ASM Breakdown – Training, Software, Coaching, and the Live Experience:

Training – Divided into 8 modules

  1. Module 1 – choose a product – and how to differentiate it from similar products
  2. Module 2 – how to find a supplier (Alibaba or Google usually)
  3. Module 3 – order inventory – create your own brand
  4. Module 4 – Get set up to sell – social media, e-comm storefront, marketing assets
  5. Module 5 – learn to prepare for launch – prepare pre launch list of people to buy your product
  6. Module 6 – launch the product – get critical early reviews
  7. Module 7 – multiply your marketing , scale sales, launch paid ads, get sales funnel working
  8. Module 8 – expand business – optimize marketing, expand product catalog

Software – special AI software is included with ASM and is a very important part of the strategy:

  • You will use specialized AI software, included with ASM. 
  • Helps identify the best products to sell
  • Provides insights on differentiating your product
  • Included keyword software, essential for selling on Amazon and selling online

Coaching – Daily and Weekly:

  • There will be a live question and answer session every week for questions and feedback
  • There is also a online question and answer board where you can post questions and get feedback on a daily basis
  • Since this is version 14, most questions and challenges have already been answered at some point.  You will get an answer to your question
  • You get direct, actionable, accurate feedback that you can apply to your business

Live Experience – called Launch and Scale Live a 2 day event:

  • Will include Matt Clarke, Mike McClary, Alumni from past ASM and your current fellow ASM colleagues. It’s a lot of people, trust me
  • 80% of success is psychology.  Upgrade your environment
  • Live event is included with your membership, but not accommodations or transport
  • 1st day – advanced strategies for finding and launching products
  • 2nd day – strategies for scaling your business 
  • 100% money back refund if you have gone through all the milestones in the course and in 6 months are still not satisfied

Recapping what you get with the course:

  1. Lifetime access to training
  2. 1 year access to software tools
  3. 24 weeks of coaching
  4. Access to 2 day live event

If you have any questions regarding this review or anything about the post, please leave a comment and I will give you an answer

Here is a link to the ASM 14 AI Advantage course


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