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by Allen Bogdanoff

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Edge Rule Information

Edge Rule

Edge Rule leverages on the growing and strong interest in using Facebook Advertising to gain more profits online. It is based on Jason Fladlien’s methods in setting up paid and free ad campaigns in the popular social networking site.

Edge Rule Basics

Fortunately, Edge Rule offers a simple and short way to do just that. Of course, we can’t tell you the details but basically, here’s the six-part process that Jason Fladlien prescribes:
  1. Decide on you “audience of opportunity”
  2. Choose your “profit scheme”
  3. Create your “ensnarement campaign”
  4. Produce an “interaction for profit”
  5. Leveage accordingly
The whole training manual will go into detail on how you can master each of these six steps. There are also various case studies that will show you how the steps and tips should be applied in real life.
casestudy-Edge Rule

Edge Rule Lessons 

In this course, Jason will teach you a ton of new things. This includes:

  1. How to get profits with Facebook even without a domain or hosting or server providers.
  2. Find out what Mark Zuckerberg wants you to do on Facebook- and how that leads to thousands of free visitors on your page
  3. What is EdgeRank?
  4. Discover the “Fatala” mistake that many Facebook ‘experts’ do
  5. Using the “newsfeed inventory” to run cheap Facebook ads

What is EdgeRank, Anyway? 

As mentioned in item three above, the course will talk about this thing called Edge Rank. Never heard of it before? Well, it is pretty important if you want to learn more about Facebook ads. Although Jason will go over this concept in more detail, here’s a primer on what Edge Rank is all about:

  1. It is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine what will be displayed (and what does not) on a user’s news feed.
  2. It is believed that this algorithm has three main aspects: user affinity, how the content is weighted and a tim-based decay parameter.
  3. In other words, it’s the feed prioritization algorithm of Facebook

My Edge Rule Verdict

Just like most of Jason Fladlien’s training manuals, Edge Rule is easy to read and understand. It is packed with a lot of information and is quite easy to take in. If you’re already well-versed in Facebook ad campaigns, you will have no problem following the step-by-step instructions in the manual.

Another good thing about the manual is its photos and screencaps. Jason will also feature some pretty interesting case studies through the whole course.

The Price and Guarantee

If you’re one who’s already figured out that Facebook is here to stay (and not just some trend, as many had predicted), you will definitely learn a lot from Edge Rule.

Edge Rule usually sells at $99.95. But it is available at half off for a limited time. In fact, this exclusive offer will expire on Dec. 23rd, 12 midnight PST.

  • If you avail this offer, here’s what you get:
  • Edge Rule manual for just $49.5
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to Rapid Crush support team
  • Facebook advertising case studies

Remember, Edge Rule is only available for a limited time. Grab it now at half the price while you still have the chance!

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