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Member's Lab Member’s Lab is an exclusive training course from Jason Fladlien about creating and maintaining membership sites that create passive income for life. 

Common Misconceptions About Membership Sites According to Jason Fladlien

In the internet marketing industry, one of the surefire ways to create passive income is to create a membership site. Once you find your niche, attract visitors and turn them into customers, you’ll find yourself receiving regular income for life. As amazing it sounds though, it is one of the hardest ones though to come out of successfully.

According to Jason, setting up a successful membership site is a combination of putting in the right amount of time and effort. There is also one other secret: simplicity. With five active membership sites and a total of 12, in this course, Jason will draw personal experience for his members.

Member’s Lab: Getting Paid Forever

In this exclusive course, Jason will talk about:

  • Free tools to set up a membership site (WordPress theme, member management system, etc.)
  • Best types of membership sites
  • Fixed-term
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Hosting
  • Low touch/low effort sites
  • Membership content creation
  • Membership content distribution
  • Membership content outsourcing
  • Conversion and positioning techniques
  • Best sales techniques
  • Case studies
  • The membership site model “exploding” this year

What You’ll Get with Member’s Lab

Aside from the training itself, here is a full list of what you will get from Member’s Lab:

  • Six techniques to market a membership site
  • Three ways to monetize membership sites
  • Creating a multiple-level site
  • FInd out what ‘Downsell Levels” Are
  • Four-hour video of lessons and tricks
  • PDF training guides

Cost of Member’s Lab

During this re-launch of Member’s Lab, there is a one-time fee of $99.95. As usual, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and support from the Rapid Crush help desk.

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