Murder the Objection

by | Jason Fladlien, Webinars

Murdering the Objections – one webinar at a time

If you’ve ever been on one of Jason Fladliens webinar, you know he is at the top of his webinar game.  The man is impressive.  He has a gift.  So when he puts out a webinar course, its time to stop what your doing and pay attention.

Jason Fladlien’s Murder the Objection is a webinar course that focuses on identifying and eliminating customer objections, as the name gently suggests.  It is full of useful insights, tactics, and strategies.

The first hour of the webinar training is free, but the course itself is over 13 hours of material. I watched the first hour, and I’ll summarize it below so you don’t have to watch it unless you want to.

  • Authenticity: Being genuine and true to oneself when communicating with the audience.
  • Emotional Safety: Creating a safe environment for customers to feel comfortable and open up.
  • Philosophy: Developing a mindset and beliefs that support effective selling.
  • Strategy: Implementing tactics and methods to improve sales and conversions.
  • Techniques: Learning specific techniques and approaches to handle objections and close sales.
  • 10-80-10 theory: According to this theory, 10% of the audience will buy almost anything, another 10% will never buy, and the remaining 80% could go either way. This 80% is where the true fortunes are made. Fladlien emphasizes the importance of understanding what this 80% needs to hear in order to make a purchasing decision.
  • Law of small changes: Fladlien believes implementing even small changes can lead to exponential improvements, but warns that some techniques may fail at first. The key is learning from failures and evolving approaches over time.
  • New information leads to new decisions: a customers “No” is almost always accompanied by the caveat “based on what I know right now”.
  • Be sincere: Fladlien stresses delivering high value content while also being sincere and empowering customers.

There is a lot more in that first hour, but these are just my core takeaways.  It well worth an hour of your time.  If webinars are something that you currently do, or that you foresee in your future, you could not ask for a better teacher than Jason Fladlien in my humble opinion.

Jason murdering the objections




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