6 Figure Baby = 7 Module Training

by Allen Bogdanoff

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6 Figure Baby

So, it looks like June was a good month for you Mr. Fladlien – In addition to the birth of your daughter Laney, you managed to break 6 figures – FOR THE MONTH !!  Congratulations are definitely in order.  Here is the email I received today with the details of his new training.  You can link to the training called 6 Figure Baby here.


With all the excitement in the month
of June with my daughter being born,
I didn’t even realize one thing…

We broke six figures that month!

So she’s not the million dollar baby
but she’s the 6 figure baby for
her birth month.

What’s even better is the new training
program I just created talking about
the 7 key ingredients that made
up the 6 figure month – The month
my daughter was born.

Best of all, it’s only $9.95 for a limited
time to you, my valued subscriber,
since you were on my list when the
baby was born and got to share the
special occasion with me.

This training program is incredible – each
of the 7 modules on their own is worth
many times the piddly $9.95 price tag
I’m asking. So snatch this up immediately
before the price doubles.

You can get the program, which is instantly
downloadable, by clicking the link below:

6 Figure Baby

Interesting facts: We only sent out 9
broadcast emails the month of June, when
we did $117,036.04.

The day my daughter was born there were
no active promotions on my part, I was
in the hospital all day, and passively
did $1,560.80 THAT day.

That’s a great start on her college

How is this possible? I break down all
the success elements and gritty details
in the letter below…

Click the link below:
6 Figure Baby

Also, I want to thank everyone who sent
well wishes, presents, cards and gifts.
I really appreciate them!

True story – I wrote the letter for
6 Figure baby at 3:00 AM
in the morning…

Why? Laney was up and couldn’t sleep
and I wanted to give momma a break,
so I scooped her up… took her in
the office and put her in her

Then I’d write for 5 minutes. She’d
cry. I’d bounce her for 30 seconds.
She’d be fine. I’d write for 5 more
minutes. She’d cry. Bounce her.
Write. Etc.

I think when we were done she already
knew how to write copy at a near world
class level. 🙂

Oh, and by the way. I break down a new
sales letter writing process in the
6 Figure Baby training program.

Here’s the link:
6 Figure Baby

To Your Success,
Jason “Babies R Us” Fladlien