*DYPFL* or Double Your Productivity for Life

by Allen Bogdanoff

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Double Your Productivity for Life

I was just thinking only yesterday that I haven’t seen an email from Jason Fladlien in some time, and that he must be extremely busy being a dad.  And that got me to wondering what it will be like when I am a dad… anyways, didn’t mean to off on a tangent there, so as usual just about the time I was wondering that, lo and behold there appears an email from Jason with his latest *mini* product launch.

I say “mini” here not because the product is small or inferior, but because the price is truly tiny.  Only $4.95, less than the price of a sandwich at most deli’s!

Check out the email I received below.  Here is the link for Double Your Productivity for Life.


I’m going to make a bold assertion I
believe is 100% true…

You only need 2 hours a day to build
a six figure business.

So why do a LOT of people spend 60
hours a week online and still make

Answer – your time management and
productivity skills are horrible.
Sad, but true.

What do you do? You try my new program
I just released for only $4.95. You
put it to use for just 2 days and
I guarantee it will double your
productivity for life.

Click here to check it out:
Double Your Productivity for Life

I did a small, private webinar last
week with Maria Gudelis and I introduced
this new training for the first time.

Keith Dougherty was on the call and he
snatched up my offer at the end. Here
is what he had to say…


I read (honestly, maybe half), of your new
report. But that is all I needed.

The very next day I set up my timer up and
recorded a brand new product called Profitable
Product Creation and launched it yesterday as
a $7 offer; it has sold almost 100 copies so
far in just under 24 hours.

I am most likely going to throw up a WSO next week
and sell more copies before I put it into my stable
of products.

The thing is your report and following you in
general has caused me to take greater action with
my business.

I have 17 reports on my new blog and I have 17 more
ready to go, so I will have 34 total once I

I also have 17 of them on Kindle and I am working
on putting them on the other sites you recommend.

Thank you for being such a great friend and person in
general.  Thank you for the inspiration to take my
business to another level.

Your friend,


That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? Now
you can try out these same productivity
secrets for just $4.95.

There is a “catch” to this… as you’ll
see when you click on the link below:

Double Your Productivity for Life

To your success!

Jason “digital inspiration” Fladlien