Local Ad Scout Review

by Allen Bogdanoff

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Local Ad Scout

Local Ad Scout Review

Check out this Exclusive webinar for all readers: Be sure to check it out before we take it down on July 22nd at midnight. 

In the  Local Ad Scout training course, the Rapid Crush team partnered with Jack Mize to show marketers how they could use Craig’s List and YouTube to generate leads and earn profits. There are many ways to earn income online and this course talks about one avenue that is not very commonly explored. 

During this webinar, users will find out:

  • Search strings for finding the “right type” of ads on YouTube 
  • Search strings for finding the “right type” of potential clients on YouTube 
  • Discover other “hidden” free classified ad sites 
  • Find free marketing tools online 
  • Learn why Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only places to find moneymaking opportunities
  • Find out what “placement areas” or “bid options” mean and how you could use it 
  • Search local ad directories and ad servers automatically 
  • Learn when to sell and buy ads 
  • Run site adsense scripts for better results 
  • Find out how you could effectively sift through ad business directory listing pages
With Local Ad Scout, Jason Mize will provide marketers with a roadmap to finding online classified ads that are profitable. These training sessions are very personal so there are very limited seats for interested marketers.
We are hosting an exclusive replay of this two-hour webinar from March 10 to 13. Just check it out here and find out for yourself if Local Ad Scout is for you! 
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