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WP Mobile Pro Review: Your Mobile Marketing Solution

WP Mobile Pro

WP Mobile Pro is the latest product from the Rapid Crush Software Club to hit the market. It was released just a few days ago and if you were in the special webinar that Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos hosted to launch WP Mobile Pro, you  know just how excited Jason and Wilson are with this new product release.

If you haven’t heard of the Rapid Crush software club before, you might be familiar with the S3Flowshield wordpress video plugin, which was also developed by the Jason and Wilson.

But what is this “WP Mobile Pro” all about?

If you are an internet marketer, have you ever wondered if there’s a product or an app that could quickly convert your website into a mobile site? Are you an affiliate marketer who would like to find a way to break into the mobile market? If so, WP Mobile Pro might be worth considering.

WP Mobile Pro 101

WP Mobile Pro is a web-based application that Jason and Wilson created that can  quickly create mobile sites.  With just a few clicks, you can create a mobile version of your website, or a client’s website.  A mobile optimized site makes for an easier and faster mobile browsing experience.

Right now, there are six mobile WordPress themes: Sublime, Agave, Dark Knight, Posty, Speedway and Wavy. Each one of these mobile WordPress themes are customizable and the “Theme” options panel within WP Mobile Pro is very easy to understand – you don’t even have to know any html code to be able to use and tweak your mobile site.

Mobile Marketing – Do I Need It?

Right about now, you might be thinking: “Okay it’s easy to use. But do I need WP Mobile Pro? Do I need to optimize my website for mobile browsers?”

A few months ago (June 2011), data gathered by Gatner Inc. (that’s an IT research company based in New York) showed that in 2010 and in North America alone, there was $305 million in revenue from mobile marketing.  And by the end of 2011, it is predicted to climb up to $701.7 million.

Another research conducted in April 2011 by Google/Ipsos showed that 49% of people who see a mobile ad end up buying the product. So just like what Jason Fladlien said in his webinar, “Mobile marketing is hot!”

Regular Site VS. Mobile Site

Every marketer knows the importance of having a good-looking site. I’m sure you spent a good amount of time and money developing  your website. So is it worth your time to create a mobile version of it?  Well, to answer that question, here are some things that you may not know about browsing regular sites on mobile devices:

  1. Tables/graphs do not look good on a mobile device.
  2. Mobile devices have different orientations (portrait and landscape) and your site may not look right in either or both.
  3. Mobile sites are “lightweight” and very accessible.
  4. Videos do not auto play or play at all on a lot of mobile devices.
  5. Hover effects or drop down menus may not work on mobile devices.
  6. Multi-column websites do not look good in mobile phones.

Going Mobile-Friendly

As someone who makes a living online, Jason says that every marketer should always have two money sites: a regular site and a mobile site. But the fact is, majority of websites today are not mobile-friendly. And that’s a shame because a lot of people today are relying on their mobile devices (iPads, mobile phones, etc.) to access the web.

Did you know that Facebook is accessed 200 billion minutes a month through mobile devices? And that 55% of tweets are made using mobile phones? And did you also know that one out of seven emails are viewed through phones too? Well, with WP Mobile Pro, you can make sure that you won’t lose a potential customer just because your site takes a long time to load when viewed on a mobile device.

Is WP Mobile Pro The Only Answer?

There are free scripts that can squish your site into a more mobile friendly version but the “finished product” isn’t really as pleasing to the eyes. If you want to give your customers the mobile experience that they want, you should set up a different mobile site for your website.  In addition, you can always add a “Go to Full Site” option to your mobile page.

WP Mobile Pro is based on the look and functions of the best mobile sites that are out today. Jason said that he researched the best mobile sites out there, and he patterned his WP Mobile Pro themes on those.  You can check out the mobile sites of Olive Garden, BestBuy and Target to see where Jason and Wilson got their ideas for the WP Mobile Pro themes.

What You Can Do With WP Mobile Pro

Aside from being able to expand your reach and your ability to cover the Mobile World, you can use WP Mobile Pro in a number of other ways too. Specifically, Jason and Wilson listed six marketing strategies or ways for you to make money using for WP Mobile Pro:

  1. Mobile squeeze page (you can give “Mobile-only” gifts)
  2. Simplified sales letter
  3. Create “presale pages”
  4. Easy lead generation
  5. Exclusive offers and coupons
  6. Mobile site generation for local businesses

Mobile sites are generally expensive to create so you could easily charge $1000 for each mobile site you create – and with WP Mobile Pro, you can do that in just a few clicks and minutes. There aren’t a lot of people or developers who offer mobile site generation at the moment, so you don’t have to worry about having too many competitors.

How Much is WP Mobile Pro?

If you know anything about creating mobile pages, you know that mobile HTML, CSS and scripts are very complicated – which means a program like WP Mobile Pro should be very expensive. And Jason and Wilson admittedly said that they had a hard time making sure that WP Mobile Pro will work on any device – iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones, etc. They guarantee that no matter what screen size/resolution you or your viewer has, your site will still look highly optimized for mobile viewing.

If you decide to get WP Mobile Pro, you have two options: buy just one theme or you can get all six themes. With the former, you can purchase it for $77, or it will cost you $277 to get all six WP Mobile Pro themes.  You will also get Jason and Wilson’s 30-day money back guarantee. No word yet if there are any bonuses included in WP Mobile Pro.

The WP Mobile Pro Special

Even though $277 is not a bad price for six themes (and the possibility of earning $1000/mobile site once you offer mobile site generation services), right now you can get WP Mobile Pro for a discounted price of $197 for all six themes.

This is a special promo for those who attended the WP Mobile Pro product launch webinar and the discount will only be up for a few weeks most likely. So if you are interested in this new product by Jason and Wilson, you should act soon.

Mobile marketing is the future of internet marketing. WP Mobile Pro is a great way to make sure that you and your online business will not get left behind.

Check out the WP Mobile Pro webinar that I was talking about earlier below:

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