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WP Redirector Information

WP Redirector

Crafting a sales letter or webinar is a very daunting task. You have to employ a lot of rules and techniques such as using ‘scarcity’ to take a maybe to a yes. Rapid Crush Inc.’s WP Redirector takes that technique to a different level: it automates it.

With the WP Redirector plugin, users will not have to worry about looking like a liar in a sales page. This plugin will make sure that the price/deal will change when you say it would. Interested? Read on to know more about this plugin.

WP Redirector Details

WP Redirector is aimed at the fact that playing the ‘scarcity card’ in sals letters and webinars can be very profitable. As Jason said, marketers use it because a normal person would “respond more to fear of loss than a desire to gain.”

Now, aside from the plugin itself, what else will you get from this product? Here’s a list:

  • Access to a members-only site
  • Three how-to videos
  • Affiliate tools
  • Help desk for problems
  • Works for any URL
  • Unlimited “redirection chain” creation

Another great thing about WP Redirector is that it has a very easy to use interface. Here’s a screenshot.

The Need for This Plugin

With the thousands of WordPress plugins available today, what makes this one worth your attention? WP Redirector allows its users to create a clear distinction between genuine and false scarcity. What does that mean? Let me paint a picture for you.

You go to website’s sales page, read through the long copy, and towards the end, the marketer will tell you that the current price will go up in exactly 42 hours. You’re still torn about it and decided against buying the product. After a few days though, you come back to not only find that the price is still in the “limited time only” price but the marketer is still promising that the price will go up in 42 hours- still.

Obviously, this will give the wrong impression. WP Redirector will ensure that you the deal will end when you say it will.

More WP Redirector Uses

WP Redirector, as the name suggests, will also redirect your users to the page you want them to be. So aside from your sales funnel, where else will you be able to use this plugin?

  1. Redirect users to the right page after a live webinar
  2. Set a time limit for Webinar Replays
  3. Building a list
  4. Automated product launches
  5. Affiliate bonuses page
  6. Drip feeding
  7. Highlighting “Special Promos”

Cost of WP Redirector 

Like many products from Jason and Wilson, there are many pricing options available. With WP Redirctor, these choices are:

WP Redirector comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and customer support.

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