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by Allen Bogdanoff

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Facebook Fan Page Tips- Five Things To Remember And 10 Things To Post

Facebook Fan Page

The truth is, no matter what your product or service is, your business needs to have its own Facebook fan page. It is a very good way to interact with your existing and potential customers. And with all the traffic this website gets on a daily basis, you can cover a very big demographic by creating a well-optimized Facebook fan page.

Now, managing your own Facebook fan page is much easier said than done. Building an active or responsive community can be tricky. And to help you out, here are some Facebook fan page tips that can help you out to promote your business.

Why Create A Facebook Fan Page?

Before we go on to the different Facebook fan page tips that I have compiled for you, if you still do not have a Facebook fan page, then here are some recent statistics that will show you how much traffic and potential customers you are missing out on by not having your own fan page.

  1. Nielsen Company,May 2011: Facebook is the top 1 social network in the US- every month, 53.5 billion minutes are being spent on this website (Blogger comes in second with just about 724 thousand minutes).
  2. Nielsen Company, August 2011: Every month, an average Facebook user spends seven hours and 46 minutes while the next most visited site, AOL Media, has its users spending an average of just two hours and 53 minutes a month.
  3. comScore, September 2011: So far, Facebook has recorded 734.2million unique visitors- Twitter only has 144.4 million.
  4. Edison Research and Arbitron, May 2011: About 80% of social network users prefer to connect with brands through their Facebook pages.
  5. NM Incite, October 2011: To get product reviews and information, 68% of social network users consult a product’s Facebook page.

Facebook Fan Page Tip # 1: Clear And Detailed Facebook Fan Page

If you want a Facebook user to “Like” you, you need to be clear of who you are, where you are, what you are offering and why they should become a part of your Facebook fan group. Give them the details that they need to see upfront (either at the Info tab or at your customized landing page).

But be sure to entice them or offer them something that they can only get once they Like your page.

Facebook Fan Page Tip # 2:  Working And Appropriate SSL Certificate

Here’s another Facebook fan page tips: make sure that the technical aspects of your page is a-OK. Facebook announced that starting October 1, 2011, all Facebook fan pages will required to use a secured page and have SSL Certificates. This is part of their effort to make sure that all fan pages are secure for both administrators and users.

If you aren’t sure what a Facebook SSL Certificate is, check out my review of the Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos’ Facebook SSL Report.

Facebook Fan Page Tip # 3: Appealing Graphics

There are billions of Facebook fan pages that are live on Facebook now. Some of them offer the same products and the Facebook fan page that looks the most appealing to them is the one page they will give the thumbs up. And what better way to get people to notice you than to have impressive graphics.

If you do not know your way through Photoshop, you should hire someone to do some professional graphic work (banner, photos, logos, etc.) for you. It wouldn’t hurt too if you add some apps into your Facebook fan page.

Facebook Fan Page Tip # 4:  Market Research And Advertising

There are many ways to advertise through Facebook (Facebook ads, status updates, page recommendations, etc.) but all your advertising efforts will be put into vain if you do not know your target audience. There are many ways to find out the demographics of the people who view your page (check out Facebook Insights) so you should be able to direct your ads or promos to this group.

Facebook Fan Page Tip # 5:  Interesting Content

Undoubtedly, the best way to have more fans for your Facebook fan page is to post interesting content. The more interesting your posts are, the more and faster word will spread about your page. Then again, the problem that most fan page administrators is finding out what content to put out there. Well, here are some suggestions.

  1. Links to your new or most popular blog posts.
  2. Coupons/discounts for your products.
  3. Take note and celebrate holidays.
  4. Hold a “caption this photo” contest and give away surprises.
  5. Ask for your community’s opinions (what product you can review, what their suggestions/comments are).
  6. Tell jokes or riddles.
  7. Share interesting videos or images related to your niche.
  8. Post quotations- even if it’s not related to your niche- just make sure it is interesting.
  9. Start a debate.
  10.  Create a poll to get your community’s opinions.
Managing Your Facebook Fan Page
The golden rule in managing a Facebook fan page is to make it all about building a community. The more you think about how you can interact with the people on your list, the more success you will get from Facebook. Aside from getting more people to Like your page, you need to make sure that they will love your Facebook fan page enough to buy more from you.

Now, if you want to take your fan page into another level (a more professional and profitable level), then you should check out Jason and Wilson’s WP Fan Pro. This program allows you to create Facebook fan pages in just a few clicks.